GUANGZHOU SINTA ABRASIVES CO., LTD founded in 1997. After years of development, we has become a specialized cutting wheel suppliers for cutting, grinding and polishing products. We created a middle-class brand SANTU and a high-end brand KINGSBA, hot-selling products at home and abroad. With the development and growth, we established the second company FOSHAN SENTA ABRASIVES CO., LTD in 2011.
We mainly operate cutting and polishing products, bonded abrasives, coated abrasives and superhard materials series. We agent several international famous brands, such as KINGSPOR, PFERD, SIA, PME and 3M. We also supply OEM service.
We take "the customer is the god, human orient, customer-priority", insist "quality first, reputation first, service first", satisfy customers' demand as philosophy , create brilliance tomorrow together with broad customers hand in hand!


1. 1980-1999: From production only to production – supply – sales
In 1980 YONGKANG SANTU ABRASIVES FACTORY etablished. Its main products are some simple products like: steel wire wheel brush. After the reform and opening-up,the demand of grinding and polishing products increases, and it becomes varied. Owing to the low market entrance standard,abrasives factories are becoming more and more, so it leads to the more fierce competition. The disadvantage of single way of production is getting more and more abvious. But we realized the seriousness of the problem and tried a new way out: change from production to marketing.
In 1997 GUANGZHOU SINTA ABRASIVES CO., LTD established. As the beginning, SINTA was mainly engaged in retail business, which is very limited. In 1999, SINTA was moved to Huancuiyuan Hardware wholesale market,which is the top hardware wholesale market of Guangzhou. And the business mode was changed from retail to wholesale.Target market was shifted from Gunagdong,Gunagxi, Hainan to all over China rapidly and also to Southeast Aisa and European and American area.
2. 2000-2011 Set up our own Brand
Products in the market are varied in quality. We think if we want tostand out,we need to set up our own brand and take the route of sustainable differentiated development. So in 2002, we set up our own brand Santu. This Brand is aimed at the mid-end market.It wins the favor of the customers and have a good performance, due to its high quality. With the development of the market, the competition of the mid end market is getting more and more fierce. And the the only one brand Santu has not met the demand of the company’s development.Therefore, in 2005 we registered the other brand KINGSBA. We introduced Germany’s advanced technology and equipment, which lays the foundation of our start of the high end market and good performance. While developing our own brands, we still act as agent of many famous brands,such as domestic brands : BAIGE、ELLE; KINGSPOR, PFERD from Germany ; Sia from Swiss ; and PME, 3M from USA. This provides much more choice for the customers, which can save time and cost for them.
3. 2011-2015 management system
With the development of company’s business, the management is becoming more and more important. Since 21 centuries, IT is booming. The leadership realized the importance of the management. In 2008, We start utilizing management software . The application of the software saves the labor cost and provides the direct and reliable information for the company’s next step of the development,which makes the company better service for the customes.
In 2011, our second company FOSHAN SENTA ABRASIVES CO., LTD was established, which has the general taxpayer qualification. With the development of the company, the leadership starts improving the working environment, set up the marketing team and focus on enterprise culture. Now, although our products have been sold all over the world, the foreign trade sales volume is only 30% of the total sales volume of the whole company. Therefore, there is still much more room for the development of the foreign trade sales.
With the arrival of the E business times, the leadership who is looking far ahead and aiming high, has already a plan of our future development direction. We will recruit more High-quality talents, and at the same time, we will lauch the cyber marketing and make efforts on promotion of the products. Besides, we will speed up the upgrade of the technology, sparing no effort to build up our enterprise to be a world class enterprise. We hope SINTA can soar with the time,with our mood of eager.