Course Intro

In 2004, I began a course of study at Eastern Washington University that resulted in me receiving an interdisciplinary masters (MS) in Computer Science/Urban Planning, with a certification in GIS in 2008. In 2010, EWU Geography Department head, Dr Stacy Warren asked me to instruct in the EWU's online GIS Certificate program. She wanted me to teach the desktop mapping course, and in her words "give it a Google twist". 

I developed a course in the Blackboard template (now it is in Canvas), but utilizing many Google tools. This included a companion Google Site for the course, initiating a EWU GIS user group, and  comprehensive use of Google Docs - spreadsheets, Fusion Tables, forms, docs, and presentations - in the curriculum content and workflow. It is a constant "work in progress".  

Beyond the teaching of mapping basics and principles in the ArcGIS and Google platforms. there are several missions for the course:
  • Give students an appreciation for the potential of the online work environment for project development and collaboration
  • Help students initiate development of a professional web based portfolio
  • Leave students an online resource (like a digital textbook) that they can  refer to once they get "outside" the University's system
  • Help me explore the use of technology in replicating a lab based/project oriented learning environment on the web

Trainings, Presentations, and Demonstrations

I am a member of Google Earth Outreach Trainers network and certified with a number of Google tools and platforms. I have been involved in a wide variety of workshops, presentations and demonstrations (online and in person) over the years. If you have something in mind, get in contact and we can find out if I can help you out.