Washington's Headquarters at Valley Forge

Click on the image above to go to the model's detail page at the 3D Warehouse

There is many things you can do with SketchUp models. The video on the right was created using a SketchUp model (to scale and detail from architect's plans) with Google Earth Pro's "Moviemaker" tool. It was used to premarket the home while under construction. The video plays at the property listing as a virtual tour. It is also appears on Google Earth's default "YouTube" layer.

My models have also been used for educational purposes:

I started doing SketchUp models as a byproduct of a 3D interactive map I did of the Eastern Washington University campus for a masters project (Arc Scene/3D Studio Max). I spearheaded a group of students that entered the first "Model Your Campus" contest conducted by SketchUp.

Several years (and over 200 "Geo" models later .... I have been recognized by SketchUp as a "Super Modeler" and have used SketchUp models (often in conjunction with Google Earth) to help raise awareness for historic preservation, aid in community planning, and engage students in STEM education projects.