I do freelance web based projects for commercial, non-profit, and educational entities. Most of this work involves tools from across the Google platform. I am also an instructor in Eastern Washington University's online GIS certificate program - teaching a course in desktop mapping with ESRI and Google products. 

My Road to Technology ....

Over the course of 20 years work as a contractor in the field of golf course construction, I developed an increasing interest in the use of computers for planning, site analysis, and client communication. In a constant effort to improve the quality of my work while lowering the cost of my services I undertook a stream of self improvement and continuing education processes. 
  • For data collection, site analysis, and plan layout, I took courses in plane surveying, then bought and learned to operate a total station survey instrument and various GPS devices. 
  • For competitive costing and bidding purposes, I taught myself AutoCAD and surveying computer applications, bought and learned to operate a large digitizer for plan analysis and take-offs, and developed spreadsheet/database skills. 
  • Through out this process I continued to educate myself in the workings of the "natural" infrastructure by taking courses in soil mechanics, agronomy, horticulture, agricultural engineering, landscape architecture, weed control, and turf management. 
  • I reinforced these studies with the successful application of many of the principles I learned in my work.

As a general contractor handling client and architectural communication while coordinating field implementation of large scale projects (often several hundred acres), I grew to feel that 3D representation on a computer might deal with many of the limitations of 2D plans. My investigations led me to enroll in the GIS (Geographic Information Science) Certificate program offered by the Eastern Washington University department of geography in the fall of 2004. I was impressed with the quality of instruction and became enamored with GIS theory. I also continued developing my initial interest and skills in real world 3D representation. After completing EWU's GIS certificate program, I found myself considering how I might apply this newfound knowledge and skills with my interest in 3D modeling. I had also become increasingly aware of power of the World Wide Web for communication, education, advocacy and business purposes.

In June 2008, I completed an additional course of study at EWU that resulted in an interdisciplinary Masters degree in urban planning and computer science. Since then I have been an independent contractor/consultant/speaker/trainer - developing web content (web based GIS/3D Visualization), helping others do so, or talking about the possibilities. I enjoy coupling my extensive construction field experience with my analytic and communicative computer based skills, and applying them in wide variety  of areas that could benefit from that type of analysis.